Modern Lifestyle

These days people are used to monitoring their heart rate and follow their physical activity using smart watches and fitness trackers. However, key metric for health – blood glucose – is usually only measured when already facing severe issues with health. Interestingly, blood glucose affects not only our weight but also how energetic we feel during the day, and how well we are able to perform our daily activities.

When we are in a hurry, it is easier to grab a processed lunch from supermarket rather than prepare a healthy meal from scratch. Sometimes we forget or skip the meal which leads to snacking and overeating. This is not healthy in the long run. Consequently, blood sugar levels go up and down. The excess glucose is converted into fat. The number of overweight people exceeds over one third of the whole population. Overweight is known to cause several chronic diseases like type II diabetes and cardiovascular problems.


Sokru is a carefree, comfortable and wearable solution for blood sugar self-monitoring. The scent based technology is enabled with a small gas sensor that can detect blood sugar changes from VOCs (volatile organic compounds). The device acts like a miniaturized dog nose on your arm.

Sokru non-invasively and continuously monitors indications of blood sugar changes. The mobile app shows in real-time how your body responds to different foods and daily activities. You will learn which foods spikes your blood sugar and app guides you towards healthier choices.

The sensor is placed inside a stylish arm band which is available in different colors. Sokru is rechargeable and the replaceable sensor unit guarantees the best possible result.

Sokru Features

  • Sokru is a non-invasive solution for sensing changes in glucose. Technology is based on detecting volatile organic compounds.
  • Sokru wellness application provides insight to you daily blood sugar levels. It helps you to balance glucose by guiding you to eat right and at right time.
  • Sokru cloud service and AI follows your progress and teaches you towards healthier lifestyle.