Blood Sugar Control

Diabetes is a chronic disease with a growing prevalence. Despite the several technological innovations in the field of diabetes, not all people have consistent solutions or opportunities for regular blood sugar control. Finger pricking has often been the way to check the blood glucose level, but it has been neglected due to its unpleasantness. Without regular blood sugar monitoring, there is a risk of entering to hypoglycaemia condition (blood glucose <4 mmol/l) which can cause serious situations.


LAKKA Health has been developing a wearable and non-invasive device Sokru that detects sudden drops in blood sugar levels by utilizing volatile organic compounds (VOCs) emitted through the skin. The idea behind the innovation is that certain gas compounds are being emitted by a person with diabetes through biological body reactions when the blood glucose drops low, or the drop occurs fast. Sokru uses LAKKA Health’s patented temperature cycle operation (TCO), where a temperature ramp is used to multiply the sensitivity and cross-selectivity of the sensor. This enables the detection of very low-concentrated VOCs.

Sokru Features

  • Non-invasive solution for sensing drops in blood glucose level.
  • Technology is based on detecting volatile organic compounds.
  • Mobile application provides daily insights to blood sugar drops.
  • Patented technology.