Diabetes is one of the most common chronic diseases worldwide and the amount of people suffering from it is increasing. Despite its commonness, majority of diabetic patients are still under-monitored due to discomfortable finger prick method. Regular measuring and monitoring of blood sugar levels are essential factors in diabetes treatment. We believe that continuous monitoring should be available for all, easily and cost efficiently.

At LAKKA Health we are developing a disruptive innovation for diabetes monitoring: completely non-invasive and wearable sensor system which detects abrupt changes in blood sugar levels. Our sensing method was inspired by trained hypo-dogs which can detect changes in blood sugar from volatile organic compounds that come into your skin. Similarly, our device continuously monitors these compounds and provides you notification if sudden changes occur. Our device is a reliable partner like a hypo-dog. It constantly monitors you or your child’s health, whether it is day or night.

Sokru Features

  • Small and needle-free sensor unit, less finger pricks.
  • Comfortable and disposable patch, less skin irritation.
  • Guards and notifies you, even during the sleep.
  • Affordable, everyone can access it.


The technology and device are under development.