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Lakka Health Oy
Tampereentie 4, 37500 Lempäälä, Finland
How to find us?

Contact us

Lakka Health Oy
Tampereentie 4, 37500 Lempäälä, Finland
How to find us?

Our Story

The history of LAKKA Health goes back to the times in United States where Sami Lakka was spending his post-doctoral research period and introduced himself to novel measurement methods and sensors. Since coming back to Finland in 2015, the motivation has been on using the latest technologies for improving human health and wellbeing. This is the guiding principle for LAKKA Health.

Despite the small size of the company, LAKKA Health has managed to raise global interest with its IP portfolio related to health and medical devices and built good working relationships with large companies.

“Our dynamic team is focused, and the competencies of the core team ensure that the company has all the necessary capabilities to bring innovative medical devices to global markets. We have dedicated specialists ranging from mechanics, electronics, materials to software design and data-analytics. In addition, that our devices are based on fresh and innovative solutions, high quality and user-driven aspects are tightly integrated in our product design. To get reliable, accurate and predictable data on human wellbeing, we need to make people want to measure themselves with our devices. Our innermost mission is to enable proactive healthcare for all.”

Best Regards,

Sami Lakka, CEO

Sami Lakka

+358 40 594 6297

Elina Välipakka
Product Development Manager

Nabid Faiem
Data and Algorithm  Specialist

Heidi Toivanen
Mechanics Lead

Marko Hyrkäs
Electronics Lead

Arttu Lindén
Measurements Lead