Diabetes is a highly common chronic disease. Almost 10% of the global adult population has diabetes and the number is increasing.

Hypoglycemia is a state, where blood sugar has fallen below normal. If untreated, this condition can be serious and life-threatening for a diabetic person. Consequently, an important factor in diabetes treatment is regular measuring and monitoring of blood sugar levels. Current commercially available glucose monitoring systems are invasive and thus require skin to be penetrated with a needle.

We are developing a non-invasive sensing method which enables us to detect hypoglycemia from the volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Specific VOCs are being emitted during hypoglycemia and HypoSense can detect these gases from the skin with the aid of a tiny sensor. Trained hypo-dogs smell VOC gases in a similar manner as our device.

HypoSense Features

  • Small and needle-free sensor unit.
  • Comfortable and disposable patch.
  • Detects hypoglycemia even during sleep.
  • Alarms the patient.
  • Affordable.


The technology and device are under development.